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Theatre Scholarships

Each year the Department of Theatre Arts offers grants to selected students who demonstrate a strong work ethic, outstanding participation, and student leadership within the department and its productions.

Whether you are interested in theatre performance or theatre technology, a grant gives you will the opportunity to cultivate and enhance your skills and talents and us the opportunity to invest further in you.

Theatre Arts Department Grant Details

You must be accepted to Huntington University and declare a major or minor within the Theatre Arts Department to be eligible for this grant. If you have applied but not yet been accepted to Huntington University, your grant application will be held on file until your university application has been completed and fully processed.

All grant recipients will be required to work five (5) hours each week for the costume shop or scene shop, or as an office assistant; additional paid hours may be worked if approved by supervisor. Recipients are expected to take leadership roles in production and work areas, and they are required to attend specific work calls (such as load-in and strike). Recipients are always expected to be highly visible as role models, demonstrating excellence in all aspects of departmental activities. A minimum 2.7 GPA must be maintained.

Application requirements for grants vary by intended major/minor:

  • Students intending to pursue a Theatre Performance major are required to audition for a representative of the Theatre Arts Department. All auditions will be in video format this year.
  • Students intending to pursue a Theatre Technology major or a Performance Technology minor are required to interview with a representative of the Theatre Arts Department and submit a portfolio displaying their work (digital submissions are acceptable).
  • Students wishing to pursue one of the Theatre (General) majors or a Theatre minor may choose to audition OR interview, depending on their primary area of interest (performance or technology).

Click here for full instructions on how to apply for this grant. The deadline for 2022-2023 applications is March 20, 2022. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in November 2021. For more information regarding Theatre Arts Department grants, please contact Department Chair Ryan Long at or (260) 359-4257.