Bo Helmich
Assistant Professor of Worship Leadership

Colorado native Bo Helmich holds degrees from Stanford, Oxford, and the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. He is currently in the process of finishing a doctorate in Theology at Duke University. Prior to coming to Huntington,…

Tom Bergler
Professor of Ministry & Missions

Dr. Tom Bergler served as a staff worker for University Christian Outreach for 7 years, helping to evangelize and disciple students. His book The Juvenilization of American Christianity was featured in a cover story in Christianity Today and…

Luke Fetters
Director Institute for TESOL Studies / Associate Professor Institute for TESOL Studies

Dr. Luke Fetters is the director of the Institute for TESOL Studies. From 1987 until 1997, Fetters served as the director of the English Language Program, a conversational English program for adults in Macau, China.  

Karen Jones
Professor of Ministry & Missions / Department Head

Dr. Karen Jones has more than 20 years of experience working in the field of youth ministry. She continues to give leadership to student mission projects each year, both in the United States and internationally.