Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

eunomia: pre-law student organization

Eunomia is the Greek word for “good order” or “governance according to good laws,” and is the name of HU’s student pre-law organization. Eunomia brings together students interested in the legal profession, law enforcement, and criminal justice. The group also includes students who have a general interest in public affairs, contemporary politics, human rights, conflict resolution, ethics & public policy, and similar issues.

Eunomia meets regularly each semester and facilitates programming designed to raise campus awareness of current legal and political issues, as well as programming geared toward those preparing for entry into the legal profession and law enforcement. Some of these programs include LSAT study group, Mock Trial, forum on human rights, meetings with law school admissions counselors, brown bag luncheons focused on the law school application process, and much, much more. For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Webb, Pre-Law Advisor and club faculty sponsor.