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Eager to become a senior pastor

Rawley gets 'antsy' about the future
Amos Rawley

"Rawley looks forward to the day when he will stand in front of a congregation and watch over the 'flock'."

Amos Rawley looks forward to the day when he will stand in front of a congregation and watch over the “flock” God has entrusted to him. In order to achieve his dream to become an ordained pastor with the United Brethren Church, he needed to go back to college — this time for graduate work.

After graduating in 2010 with a biblical studies degree, Amos decided to further his education and pursued graduate work at Ashland Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity degree in 2011.

For the 2011-12 school year, he will finish his graduate work and attend Evangelical Theological Seminary in Myerstown, Pa.

“I enjoy grad school, but boy, do I get antsy sometimes. I’m ready to get on with being a pastor,” Amos said.

His time at Huntington University prepared him well for graduate school. Going into Ashland, Amos possessed such a sufficient background in biblical, religious and ministerial instruction that the school allowed Amos to substitute some of the basic class requirements and enroll in more difficult subject material.

“I definitely have a leg up on many of my classmates in many of my classes because of the education I received at HU,” he said.

As a student, Amos even found time to work as a youth pastor during his senior year at New Hope United Brethren Church in Huntington. He planned youth worship services, navigated board meetings, and tried to connect with youth and their struggles.

“I learned a million things at New Hope,” he said. “How to keep up with lessons and event planning, showing the youth your love, making strong bonds with a Christian family in a place where you started out as a stranger and seeing the closeness of a good friendship.”

Amos feels Huntington helped him deepen his faith through chapels, floor worships and meaningful relationships with peers, professors and staff. “HU’s mission is to exemplify this Christ-centeredness aspect on the campus, and time and again, it did so,” he said.


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