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The Fire Hose Method:

Biology major takes education to new heights in medical school
Sungyoun Han describes benefits of studying biology at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“Overall, the science professors did a marvelous job of preparing us for medical school.”

For one alum, classes in medical school are like “drinking from a fire hose.” The amount of information he is expected to absorb day in and day out is challenging, but he knows he can handle it. Huntington University made sure of that.

“I think that being a biology major at HU truly helped prepare me for medical school because I feel like I have a great foundation of science knowledge that I can build on,” said Sungyoun Han, or Shy Han as he was known at HU. Shy is a 2010 graduate of the university with a biology degree. “Overall, the science professors did a marvelous job of preparing us for medical school.”

Shy practices good time management skills by studying several hours each week while still participating in leisure activities to relieve stress. He also said that he felt ready for medical school at Indiana University because of his small class sizes at HU which allowed for more one-on-one time with his professors.

“Our interactions in class allowed us to discuss certain subjects more thoroughly and thus understand material better,” he said.

HU had a positive impact on Shy’s spiritual life. He recalls praise-and-worship chapels as the “amazing experiences” that nurtured his spiritual growth. Those positive experiences with faith integration carried over to the classroom.

“We were given insight into intelligent design perspectives in our biology classes at a depth that I haven’t dealt with before,” he said.

Shy says that he initially chose Huntington because two of his high school friends had already chosen to attend. However, once he was at HU, he most enjoyed the sense of community from being at a smaller college.

“I would definitely recommend HU to future pre-meds,” he said.

Shy has one additional piece of advice for future pre-med students at Huntington: “Take the undergraduate science classes seriously, both in learning the material and developing your study skills early, because almost everything you obtain definitely will help out in medical school.”

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