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Life lessons learned from internships out of ERC

Profile-Amy Berry

"During the course of her internship, Berry learned lessons she otherwise may not have learned."

Amy Berry, who at the time was a senior Huntington University public relations major, gained an understanding of the inner workings of a not-for-profit organization and also learned valuable lessons that will help in whatever area of public relations she decided to pursue. The Enterprise Resource Center at Huntington University connected Berry with College Mentors for Kids in downtown Indianapolis. Berry worked in the organization’s state office with seven other interns.

As part of the internship, Berry contributed in helping to plan the organization’s fall retreat, obtaining free tickets for their first alumni event, making and redoing more than 120 different activity plans for kids, working on the website and writing letters to various people.

During her internship, Berry learned one important lesson that surely will help her once she graduates.

“I learned that no matter how big your workload is, as long as you keep chipping away at your goal, you will make it,” Berry said. “I learned how a non-for-profit organization works. They are the hardest working people I have met, and I know if that is the field for me, I will have to have my heart in the job.”

Berry also learned how to better organize herself when undertaking different tasks. Every day she made a work plan that would lay out what needed to be done that day and helped her stay on task. Part of her internship was to write letters asking for donations, a skill that has proved useful when she has had to write letters for Fuse 105.5 FM asking for anything from free food to money.

During the course of her internship, Berry learned lessons she otherwise may not have learned. Her experience has led her to recommend the Enterprise Resource Center to all students.

“I was looking for an internship so hard, and one day I got an e-mail from ERC,” said Berry. “They really helped me find my internship and allowed me to get this chance.”

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