HU’s RN to BSN a valuable program for nurses looking to further education

HUNTINGTON, IN—The RN to BSN program through Huntington University’s Adult Degree Programs is a valuable asset to nurses looking to further their education.

“It used to be that as a registered nurse (RN) you could get a higher position, and those with a BSN were found in more specialized practices such as orthopedics or plastic surgery,” said Tonya Horvath, admissions consultant. “But now, with advanced technology, nurses are often required to have more education and a broader background, even for entry level positions.”

Hospitals hiring nurses with their associate’s degree in nursing now insist that they obtain their BSN within at least ten years, with many pushing their employees to finish in five.

Many hospitals or specialized physician’s offices now hire medical assistants instead of RNs to save money.

“Specialized offices typically aren’t hiring nurses right now because they can hire a medical assistant to do the same work as an RN without having to pay the salary of an RN,” Horvath said.

Huntington offers classes one night each week and provides students with a balance of administrative courses and higher level clinical courses.

“The whole one-night-a-week thing really helps the students with busy schedules,” Horvath said. “Most of our nurses come in with elective credits already finished, so they can finish within three years while only taking one class per week.”

The program does not require students to take clinicals outside of their coursework, a necessity in many other programs.

“We have students who work 40 hours a week, take a course that requires at least 15 hours of homework each week, and try to manage a household, so clinicals would be nearly impossible for them to fit into their schedule,” said Horvath. “With the availability of the lab here at Huntington, we are able to use class time to teach everything that would be in clinicals.”

The program will start expand in the fall of 2012 through an online presence and an additional physical location in Fort Wayne, Ind.

“Many of our students are from the Fort Wayne area because of Lutheran, Parkview and all the major physicians in that area. Having the program here in Huntington as well in Fort Wayne will be huge in ensuring the success of our students,” Horvath said.


Heather Barkley
Director of Communications
Joanne Green
Sports Information Director