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Working somewhere can open other doors too

"My psychology classes helped me to have an understanding of people’s emotions."

Originally planning to pursue the field of therapy, Huntington University student Danielle Hissong changed her plans when an internship with the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis sparked a new interest.

Danielle, a member of the Class of 2011, was placed at the Ronald McDonald House through contacts made with the Enterprise Resource Center. She completed her internship over the 2009 January Term.

While there, Danielle worked for the volunteer services division. Her main tasks were to assist with data entry and to create displays to highlight current volunteers and recruit new ones. In addition, she helped out with other office tasks including setting up questionnaires and organizing files.

Throughout the internship, Danielle used knowledge from her Huntington University courses. “My psychology classes helped me to have an understanding of people’s emotions,” she said. “However, Spanish probably helped me the most. Unexpectedly, I had to check in a lady and her child who did not speak any English, and I’m glad to say I made it through."

Danielle’s experience with the Ronald McDonald House was a positive one and provided her with the opportunity to use classroom knowledge in a practical work environment. “This job taught me a great deal about myself and the skills I already had that I could put into place,” she said.

Not only did she learn about herself through her internship, but Danielle gained a positive connection with the ERC. Because of this, she would recommend the ERC to any student pursuing an internship or job shadowing opportunity. Danielle says her relationship with the ERC is only beginning. “Once you work with them, more doors may open that they would see fitting for you. It also helps to have someone with the information about places that will be willing to work with you.”

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