Huntington College's Y2K Task Force met at 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 1, 2000 and verified that all campus systems were fully operational. The College will open for classes as scheduled on Monday, January 3. Residence halls will re-open at noon on Sunday, January 2.



Background on our Y2K Preparations

Huntington College has taken steps to ensure a smooth transition into the Year 2000, and guard against possible problems caused by the so-called Y2K computer glitch. A special cross-departmental team was formed early in 1999 to analyze systems, minimize risks, and develop contingency plans. Chaired by Tom Ayers, vice president for business and finance, the group includes representatives specializing in computer systems, financial services, physical plant operations, and communications.

Throughout early 1999, the group identified systems and vendors that might be affected by the Y2K bug, discussed action plans, devised testing schedules, and developed contingency plans. College’s administrative computer system were thoroughly examined and certified Y2K compliant. Some potential problems were identified with the operating system of the RichLyn Library's main server, and subsequently corrected with a software upgrade.

Huntington College’s Y2K readiness plan included both internal and external systems checks. The task force contacted various service providers and contractors, and obtained assurance of their Y2K readiness and reliability.

The College's Y2K Task Force included Tom Ayers (chair), Doug Jones, Pam Rudy, Kerry Arnold, Jerry Gressley, and John Paff.

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Heather Barkley
Director of Communications
Joanne Green
Sports Information Director