10th Annual Student Art Exhibition Awards

Huntington, Ind.— The Department of Art at Huntington College announces the winners of its 10th Annual Student Art Show. This juried competition is held each spring at the four-year Christian liberal arts college.

Student artists were honored at an awards ceremony on Saturday, April 15 at 6:30 p.m. The exhibition continues through May 5 in the Robert E. Wilson Gallery of the Merillat Centre for the Arts.

Best of Show Purchase Award Brooke Hopper (Ocean Travelers-Sculptural Ceramics)
First Place Overall Julie Dungan (Life in Haiti-Photography)
Second Place Overall Julie Mierau (Portrait-Oils)
3rd Place Overall Matt Hankins (Whirlwind-Sculpture)
Outstanding Achievement in Textiles: Rachel Kraus
Outstanding Achievement in Ceramics: Brooke Hopper
Outstanding Achievement in Printmaking: Brooke Hopper
Outstanding Achievement in Sculpture: Brooke Hopper
Outstanding Achievement in 3D Design: Matt Plett
Outstanding Achievement in 2D Design: Andy Kurzen
Outstanding Achievement in Illustration: Nate Reed
Outstanding Achievement in Photography: Elizabeth Michaelsen
Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design: Tonya Lonsbury
Outstanding Achievement in Painting: Tonya Lonsbury
Outstanding Achievement in Drawing: Vicky Sprunger
Outstanding Achievement in Computer: Illustration Matt Hankins

"My congratulations to all of the artists who entered the competition, and again to those who are participating in the exhibition," said Robert F. Schroeder, Curator of Exhibitions at Fort Wayne Museum of Art, who judged the exhibition. "The criteria for my selection were the same as those I use when curating any exhibition. Art must transcend geographical regions and be universal."

"Regardless of how materials are handled, artists who communicate ideas by allowing the work to develop its own 'life' are usually more successful than one who simply reproduces what already exists," said Schroeder. "This intangible commitment to the work is apparent regardless of the medium. These special works give the observer a glimpse of the artist's soul and it is what defines good art."

"Some of the most outstanding works selected for recognition in this exhibition are Brooke Hopper’s Ocean Travelers and Sea Dish Set, both expertly crafted hand built and thrown ceramic works," Shroeder added. "Julie Dungan’s work entitled Life in Haiti, a beautifully crafted combination of materials that reflects social conditions specific to a place, but universal in scope. And Julie Mierau’s Portrait, which is done in a style reflective of both Alex Katz’s contemporary figurative paintings and historical portraits of the Renascence period."

"Presentation and framing is also an important consideration. I always look at a work, and ask myself, 'did the artist consider and plan the works presentation from the start, or was the frame an after thought?' Elizabeth Michaelsen’s photographic transfer images are thoughtfully framed and beautifully presented."

"I greatly enjoyed seeing all of the high quality and innovative art being created on this campus, and am encouraged by the ideas and spirit evident in these artists works," Schroeder said.

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