Huntington College dedicates new Science Hall

Comments by student Anna Gensic
Huntington, Ind.— Huntington College dedicated its new Science Hall today. The new 91,000-square-foot, $16.5 million facility is the new home of the College's departments of mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, and biology-- including both the pre-med and environmental science programs. The dedication ceremony was attended by hundreds of alumni and friends of the College.

Huntington College student Anna Gensic offered the following comments: .

I wonder if you can guess what was the first thing that I noticed when I came back on campus this fall—the first thing that drew my attention and caught my eye. It was Brenn Hall over there. Yep, when I first came back it was empty, gutted, completely stripped down to little more than steel grids with a roof, and it was kind of sad. I realized then, you know, that I am going to miss this place.

Well, not the desks that were bolted to the floor, or the utter lack of air conditioning, or the sinks that would not drain, or the store rooms that were so small you had to turn sideways to get in between the shelves of chemicals, or…. Well, suffice it to say, that I think I appreciate this new building in a way that future classes never can.

But, for three years, a significant portion of my waking hours—and I’ll admit, a couple of my non-waking hours—were spent in Brenn Hall of Science. In my time spent there, I learned and grew immeasurably, both, as a scientist and as a person. It was there that I learned the most fascinating things that I have ever been privileged to study—the marvelous complexity of God’s creation. And it was there that I confronted the sometimes painfully difficult questions that science poses, especially to Christians. The questions of right and wrong, truth and misconception. My professors never glossed over those questions, but taught me to face them squarely and honestly with scientific and spiritual integrity. I think I owe significant aspects of who I am today, to time spent with those professors in Brenn Hall. After three years, it almost felt like home.

Nevertheless, I think I am a little jealous of the underclassmen and the classes that will follow them. I envy them and their opportunity to learn and grow and build memories here in this building. I am still trying to figure out where everything is in this abundance of labs and classrooms, but for them it will feel like home.

So it is on their behalf, that I would like to thank everyone who has helped to give the Huntington College Science students a new home.

Thank you.

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