Huntington University to host Presidential Symposium on Christ-Centered Higher Education

Huntington, Ind.—Huntington University will host the Presidential Symposium on Christ-Centered Higher Education on March 5.

Featured speakers include Dr. Mark Noll, McAnaney professor of history at the University of Notre Dame; Dr. Duane Litfin, president of Wheaton College, Dr. Stan Gaede, scholar-in-residence at Gordon College; and Dr. Donald Opitz, associate professor of sociology and higher education at Geneva College. Events include chapels, a prayer breakfast and worship as well as plenary, question-and-answer and response sessions.

Plenary sessions are open to the public and free of charge.

Morning Worship and Plenary I:
“Developing a Christ-Centered Mind”
9 a.m., Merillat Complex Field House

“Christian learning” is not a contradiction in terms. Dr. Mark Noll will unpack classical Christian thought, exploring the historic creeds as an orientation for modern scholarship. He will examine the Bible’s encouragement to take the life of learning seriously. Finally, Noll will provide practical examples of how a classical and evangelical Christology can provide guidance for Christian learning.

Plenary II:
“Becoming a Christ-Centered Community”
2 p.m., Merillat Complex Field House

Dr. Duane Litfin will address fundamental questions underlying the catch-phrase, “Christ-centered learning.” What difference does it make for our academic community that we claim the lordship of Jesus Christ? No difference? Some difference? Every difference in the world? Christ-centeredness represents the highest of aspirations, but is it a valid aspiration for an academic institution? Should it even be attempted, and if so, what might it look like across the institution?

Evening Worship and Plenary III:
“Living a Christ-Centered Life”
7 p.m., Merillat Complex Field House

What does it mean to live the Christ-centered life? We are told to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength; and our neighbor, as ourselves. But what does all this loving have to do with living? And what do either one of them have to with learning? “In our culture, these are reasonable questions,” says Dr. Stan Gaede. “But in Christ, they don’t make a lick of sense. Why? Because in Christ, we love to learn. In Christ, we learn to live. And in Christ, we live to love. Indeed, we can do no other.”

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