“Thinking about War” addressed at next Visiting Executive Seminar

Huntington, Ind.— Jim O’Donnell, associate professor of business and executive-in-residence at Huntington College, and Ned Kiser, vice president for advancement at Huntington College, will lead a seminar on “Thinking about War,” focusing on war in general and war in Iraq in particular. This Visiting Executive Seminar will be held Friday, March 28, from 8:45 a.m. to noon, in the upper level of the Habecker Dining Commons.

“With world tensions running high, it makes sense for a largely Christian audience to think through and share thoughts on war. Many students are trying to think through war and terrorism as two of the most significant issues of our time,” said O’Donnell.

The discussion will center on four short articles. The first two articles deal with war in general and the moral obligations of Christians, historically, to undertake war only under certain conditions. They include the 1995 entry in the Oxford Companion to Philosophy on “Just War.” Along with insights from “Just War,” participants will look at Joseph Loconte’s recent comments in “The Prince of Peace was a Warrior, too,” an editorial Loconte wrote as religion editor for National Public Radio. Both of the articles will serve as a useful background for a more specific discussion of the Iraq conflict.

The second two articles, both editorials by Tom Friedman that appeared in The New York Times in January, will focus specifically on the Iraq conflict. Friedman’s articles speak to both the liberal’s hesitancy to see Iraq as an imminent threat and to the conservative who thinks we should have acted on Iraq already.

The Visiting Executive Seminar plans to be attended by business and civic leaders from the regional community, as well as Huntington College faculty, staff, and students. The event will be structured to foster open dialogue and discussion of the issues and recent case studies. The give-and-take format will “help our attending students, who are ‘leaders-in-formation,’ to wrestle with these issues in their own lives and future career decisions,” stated O’Donnell.

Individuals interested in attending the seminar are encouraged to register with the Office of Advancement at Huntington College by March 17. Please call (260) 359-4069 or e-mail vallen@huntington.edu for more information.

Huntington College is a comprehensive Christian college of the liberal arts offering graduate and undergraduate programs in more than 60 academic concentrations. Founded in 1897 by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Huntington College is located on a contemporary, lakeside campus in Huntington, Indiana.

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