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Grad found path to worship ministry at HU
Kyle Brenneman on advantages of worship leadership  degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“I had a foundation for gospel ministry and not just worship ministry.”

It all started in eighth grade. Kyle’s mom played keyboard during worship at their church, and after some convincing, he did too.

A few years later, when it came to making his career decision, there was no convincing needed. Worship leadership was the ideal choice.

“In February (of my senior year), I decided to go to HU, and then in March, they sent out a press release that said that they were offering worship leadership,” said Kyle Brenneman, a 2008 graduate. “I always end up in a place that I didn’t know how I got there. That path kind of plowed its way for me.”

After graduation, his path continued to be evident to him. When the worship leader at his church resigned, he was asked to keep the ministry going while they found a replacement. After more than a year, Christ’s Covenant Church in Winona Lake, Ind., asked him to stay on permanently as the director of college and worship ministries. In the meantime, he also received his Master of Divinity from Grace College, where he works with his wife who is a resident director on campus.

“It’s comforting and interesting sometimes to look back and see how God has led me — sometimes one inconsequential decision at a time,” he said.

In his church position, Brenneman leads worship and also acts as a mentor of college students in the congregation.

“The easy part is picking songs and choosing a band,” he said. “It’s the sitting with someone (who has experienced a loss). It’s ministering the gospel to people in need.”

Brenneman gives much of the credit for his ministry skills to the program at HU. It was the “breadth” of the program that gave him the base he needed for witness, he said.

“I had a foundation for gospel ministry and not just worship ministry,” he said. “The more I’m out of college the more I appreciate the professors — not what I was taught, but how I was taught.”

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