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Republican House of Representatives internship led to full time position

Clint Smith

“My classroom experience was vital to attaining this position."

Clint Smith’s situation was a little different from the typical internship. In 2009, from January to early June, he interned with the Republican House of Representatives under the title of “member services intern.”

At that time, he assisted three state representatives and handled their constituent services, legislative research and scheduling. It was an “extremely valuable experience” that allowed him to work in the Statehouse on a daily basis and develop a long list of contacts for the future. Through this internship, he gained an extensive list of skills that have proven to be valuable. Primarily, he became very familiar with the legislative process in Indiana and dealing with correspondence (emails, letters, phone calls, private meetings) with voters and constituents.

“The ERC was particularly helpful in determining my credits and how I could still graduate in four years. This was a difficult process because I spent the entire spring semester of my sophomore year in Indianapolis,” Smith said.

Smith was again in a full-time internship/position with the Indiana House of Representatives this past spring and will continue in this capacity after graduation. His internship in 2009 was instrumental in helping him achieve this position. Not only did the internship affirm his desire to remain in the political sphere, it provided him with the skill set to be a prime candidate for full-time employment.

Smith said, “My classroom experience was vital to attaining this position. The history/political science department at Huntington University provided me with writing and critical thinking skills that, I believe, are superior to other graduates from Indiana schools. Additionally, I cannot emphasize enough the importance that Dr. Jeff Webb has had as an advisor and mentor over the last four years. Having the individual attention from our history department has given me a support system that has been incredibly important.”

In an increasingly difficult economic climate, real world experience is at a premium. A graduate without an internship is at a severe disadvantage in the business world. Smith reiterated these points, “I would recommend the ERC to every student passing through Huntington University.”