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More internships mean more experience

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“I believe my internship experiences played a role in helping me obtain the job I have now.”

Constant tours with various music groups kept Kara Judy, a 2008 graduate, from finding a church that was right for her, but she discovered a perfect fit at Emmanuel Community Church. Kara sought help from Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center to make this internship possibility a reality.

“I already knew where I wanted to do my internship,” Kara said, “but the ERC helped me know what to look for and what to accomplish while I was there.”

During a sit-down with Emmanuel’s Sam Ward, director of creative worship and drama, and Dan Friend, music director, Kara found out if an internship with Emmanuel would give her the experiential foundation she was seeking.

After the meeting, the ERC worked with Kara to fill out the necessary paperwork and answer Kara’s questions concerning credit requirements and what standards should be reached. ERC staff also checked in with her to make sure everything was running smoothly and that she was gaining the experience she wanted from her internship. The ERC communicated with Emmanuel to make sure the staff had all of their questions answered and everything they needed, and also to determine Kara’s progress.

Kara spent three days a week at Emmanuel working with the staff to gain as much knowledge as possible in a short amount of time. She was expected to put in 10 hours a week at Emmanuel, giving her three credit hours toward her major.

The 10 hours were packed full but well spent, according to Kara. She worked with Sam and Dan during their weekly brainstorming meetings and evaluation meetings. She helped with rehearsals, directed the choir, led worship, sang solos and wrote and developed Sunday morning readings.

“Coming from Huntington University, Kara was very qualified to lead both our worship choir and three of our Sunday morning services,” said Sam. “She was our second intern from HU, and both came with experience and confidence from their classes.”

But this wasn’t Kara’s first ERC internship – it was her third. The ERC has helped Kara set up three internships, each taking place during January Term, giving her experience and hands-on training in her field.

“The ERC was involved in all three internships, but I was able to choose the locations myself,” said Kara. “I believe my internship experiences played a role in helping me obtain the job I have now.”

Following graduation, Kara was able to obtain a full-time position as the assistant to the pastor of worship and creative arts at North Webster Church of God in North Webster, Ind.

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