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Connecting with a cause

“This experience opened my eyes to a whole new side of the non-for-profit world."

Kelly Kasych has discovered that her passion lies in helping not-for-profit organizations. Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center helped Kelly turn her passion into action by connecting her with McKenzie’s Hope in Huntington, Ind.

Through two summers of working at the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and an internship at McKenzie’s Hope, Kelly decided to devote her life to helping organizations help other people.

While at the United Way, Kelly assisted with hiring and training employees for the Loaned Executive program. She conducted more than 100 phone interviews and 60 personal interviews. She also worked closely with cabinet members to assist with fundraising activities.

At McKenzie’s Hope, Kelly acted as an office assistant to the executive director who was planning the grand opening of the organization. Her experience at McKenzie’s Hope confirmed her desire to make a career out of her love for service.

“This experience opened my eyes to a whole new side of the non-for-profit world,” Kelly said. “It helped me connect the fundraising experience I have had with the organization that may be helped through that work. I realized that being in the organization is a way to connect with the cause. I realized that this is an area that I would love to dedicate myself to in the future.”

Her work with McKenzie’s Hope and United Way helped foster her communication skills, which she said at the time would serve her well after graduation. “Through these presentations I have been able to develop my speaking ability. This can translate into the business world because speaking is part of your everyday life.”

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