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Taking a Shot

Student travels to gain experience in photojournalism
Nate Sullivan

“Having the ERC help coordinate this experience has allowed me to connect my summer internship with my college education, and get credit for it.”

This past summer presented a unique opportunity for educational ministries and communication studies double major Nate Sullivan.

Sullivan, a junior, spent six weeks interning with Experience Mission, a short-term missions organization, where he traveled to different parts of the country as well as internationally working as a photojournalist.

He spent his time with the organization independently traveling each week to a different community in which the organization was working.

“I was responsible for gathering media that captured the face of each location and the work that was being done there,” he said. “This included a minimum of 250 photographic images per week and three to four written articles about community stories.”

The internship was far from easy, though. His technical and photojournalistic skills were challenged on a weekly basis, but skills he honed in the classroom helped him excel in the field.

“Through my studies of communications, ministry and missions, I had a lot of book knowledge relating to what I did over the summer. Having the opportunity to actually put theories, strategies and formulas into practice, however, was so useful in moving my understanding and perspective past the classroom and into the ‘real world,’” he said.

Sullivan said he is thankful for the opportunity he had this past summer, and said he learned how valuable an internship can be in helping you understand different aspects of the field you are studying.

Nate Sullivan Haiti photo“I gained beneficial experience in photojournalistic work and the technical skills therein,” he said. “On top of that, my perspectives toward ministry and faith were challenged and shaped in ways I had never anticipated. While my internship was far from easy, the lessons I took from it were and are invaluable.”

With a year left at HU, Sullivan said he will continue to seek out other internship opportunities, and he encourages others to do the same. The Enterprise Resource Center (ERC) was helpful in organizing the details to make this internship possible.

“Having the ERC help coordinate this experience has allowed me to connect my summer internship with my college education, and get credit for it,” he said. “Working with the ERC was easy and enjoyable.”


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