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"The ERC is a great resource that all students need to take advantage of."

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“The ERC is a great resource all students need to take advantage of."

Travis Frantz had the opportunity to switch roles during one summer. Instead of playing for the Huntington University baseball team, he worked as an intern, behind the field, with the Carolina Chaos, a minor league baseball team in South Carolina.

At the time, Frantz was a junior exercise science major at Huntington. Playing on the baseball team and getting to know Coach Mike Frame prepared him for the opportunity, he said.

It was his first internship, and it gave him the real-world experience he needed.

“My dad has been a high school and college coach since I was born,” said Travis of Columbia City, Ind. “So I’ve been around sports and around the coaching aspect of it, but I’ve never held an official position or title.”

Travis discovered how much work is put in to running a team. The financial details involved in running a team were an aspect he had never encountered.

“I liked working with the finance part of it,” Travis said. “I didn’t realize just how expensive it was to run a team with the amount of travel that we had and then how much we paid the umpires.”

Because of his internship, he expressed a greater appreciation and respect for the work done by the personnel within a sports team on a daily basis.

The Enterprise Resource Center helped Travis connect with the Carolina Chaos.

“The ERC is a great resource all students need to take advantage of,” Travis said

“It is easily accessible.”

Concerning future plans, Travis expressed his desire to work with the Carolina Chaos if he ever relocated to that area.

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