Student Volunteer Center Sets New Record


HUNTINGTON, IN JULY 9, 1996 --- Huntington College's student volunteer center set a new record for mobilizing volunteer action in the community during the 1995-96 school year. According to an annual report made public June 30, the college's Joe Mertz Center for Volunteer Service recorded 10,539.75 hours of service from September to May, an increase of 50% from the previous academic year.

Nearly 70% of Huntington College's 726 students were involved in volunteer service at some time during the year. College volunteers assisted 82 different agencies, organizations and individuals in Huntington County and various other communities.

The college’s Student Volunteer of the Year, freshman Adam Reece, personally devoted more than 700 hours of service to the community, mostly through a Probation Mentoring Program coordinated with the Huntington County correctional system. The mentoring program was organized a year ago by college volunteers Ben Powers and Matt Lister. Mr. Reece is a 1995 graduate of Homestead High School in Fort Wayne.

The Joe Mertz Center honored Rachel Kneubuhler of Harlan, Indiana, as Freshman Volunteer of the Year. Miss Kneubuhler participated in many JMC activities including a Spring Break service trip to San Antonio.

The College’s top ten student volunteers included: · Shanan Myers of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who contributed 130.75 hours to Habitat for Humanity and Alpha Gamma Pi, a service sorority. · Raeann Johnson of Monroeville, Indiana, who devoted 131.5 to Campus Life. · Dawn Mastin of Rockford, Ohio, who gave 138.25 hours to a variety of ministries and organizations, including Campus Life and Habitat for Humanity. · Minda DeYoung of Carson City, Michigan, who contributed 140.50 to Campus Life. · Cari Sprunger of Berne, Indiana, who devoted 148.00 hours to Junior Varsity. · Drea Werker of Ligonier, Indiana, who volunteered 148.50 hours to Campus Life, the local Humane Shelter, and a Spring Break service trip to San Antonio. · Jessica Ellenwood of Akron, Indiana, who gave 175.5 hours Campus Life and a Spring Break service trip to San Antonio. · Mary Fleming of Wabash, Indiana, who contributed 194.25 hours to Campus Life. · Chris Moore of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who devoted 237.50 hours to Campus Life.

The Joe Mertz Center recognized Margaret Pasko as Staff Volunteer of the Year for her many hours of service and for embodying the spirit of volunteerism. More than 25% of Huntington College faculty and staff were involved in volunteer service during the school year.

T-shirts were presented to several individuals who contributed more than 12 hours each to Habitat for Humanity. Recipients included chemistry professor Bill Bordeaux, resident director Brent Kooi, and students Karen Sorah of Eaton, Ohio; Jodi Traynor of Naperville, Illinois; Leisa Wurm of Decatur, Indiana; and Dawn Mastin of Rockford, Ohio.

Highlights of volunteer service from the 1995-96 school year included: · The second annual Freshman Plunge, a half-day of community service organized during fall orientation weekend. · A January Term service-learning trip to Haiti resulting in the medical treatment and subsequent adoption of an orphaned baby suffering from hydrocephalus. · Spring Break volunteer missions to Chicago, San Antonio, and Jamaica.

Dee Dee Addison, residence director and staff sponsor of the Joe Mertz Center, said, "Huntington College’s vision statement sets forth three guiding principles for the operation of the school, and first among these is service for Christ and His creation. The volunteer spirit of our students, faculty, and staff fits well within this vision for our college. As Kahlil Gibran said, 'Work is love made visible.'"

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Heather Barkley
Director of Communications
Joanne Green
Sports Information Director