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Congratulations and welcome to the DMA Forester Family!

Your journey with Huntington University starts now! We invite you to buckle up and enjoy the ride as we guide and prep you for this college adventure.

During orientation, you’ll get the chance for you to meet new students with the same passion for the arts, get to know the faculty and staff who will be guiding you through your college experience, and start the preparation for your college career at HUAZ.

We invite students to bring their families! It’s a great opportunity for our new HUAZ families to meet an interact with each other, while our HUAZ students proceed with activities and session to prep for the semester. Below is our tentative itinerary! RSVP TODAY!

All the excitement and nerves of coming to a new school as a freshman or transfer are normal. If you find that you have any questions, feel free to contact our Admissions Team via email ( or phone (480) 939-5944.