Commuter Life

At Huntington University, you’ll quickly recognize that we aren’t your typical commuter school. We have thoughtfully created space throughout our three-story 30,000 square foot building for students to socialize before and after class, work on projects, and collaborate with classmates. Students will have access to our building from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., a place to prepare their food (i.e. fridge, microwave), electronic lockers to store their belongings, exercise room to blow off steam, editing labs, office space, and more. We want this to be your home away from home!

“The opposite of the ideal is for students to show up, go to class, and then leave. Sometimes it will be that way, that's understandable. But in these creative fields, it's really important for creatives to mix and bounce ideas off of one another. There's an awesome energy that is relayed, almost on a subconscious level, between a group of artists identifying with each other and discussing ideas, upcoming projects, and just sharing life. At a Christian university I think this aspect goes even deeper in that we are called to fellowship and connect with each other. There is a sense of family that needs to be established.

At HUAZ there is no on-site housing, but there's been a conscious effort to facilitate spaces for students to connect and collaborate. Filmmaking especially, is a team sport that requires us to work together to tackle a script and make a film. It requires trust and collaboration.

To students I would say, as they are budgeting out their days, plan time for class, and then, if time allows, plan for an hour of hang-out time afterward. It will be the norm for you to chill with each other. That is what we want. That's how this thing gets built and takes off. And if this isn't happening, we might have to do something awkward like, "Bowling or Karaoke with Phil" - and I think nobody wants to see that, haha!”

~ Phil Wilson, Arizona Digital Media Arts Program Director

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