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  • University Gains Transportation Opportunities

    University Gains Transportation Opportunities

    Huntington University was recently gifted a trailer by Novae Corp. With the current trailer in need of repairs, Lyle Berning, product manager for Novae, felt that a new trailer was in order for the University.

    “We’re always glad, as we work and live in this community, to help out,” said Berning. “We’re community partners.”

    The trailer is 6 feet by 10 feet in dimensions and is a Sure-Trac Pro Series Wedge Front Cargo Trailer. Novae added extra height to give more headroom when someone stands in the trailer. They also added E-track to the walls so that gear and equipment could be secured during transport. With a side entry door and…

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9 days before classes started my grandma gave to me, 9 mugs for brewing ☕️ #BackToSchoolCountdown

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10 days before classes started the Library gave to me, 10 books for reading 📚 #BackToSchoolCountdown…

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11 days before classes started the Bookstore gave to me, 11 highlighters for studying 🖊📖…

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12 days before classes started my parents gave to me, 12 pillows for my bedding 😴…

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Calling all future teachers! HU is hosting Be a Teacher Day on October 11, and we want to see you there! Meet with……

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🎶 Alexander Hamilton My name is Alexander Hamilton And there’s a million things I haven’t done But just you wait, j……

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