This is Forester Country!

Hours of experiential learning students have accumulated for college credit in one year
Committed to our mission
Years of service to Christ through scholarship and service
Preparation for the Future

“I met so many people that are my lifelong friends and I have grown in so many ways. I grew in my education, experience, faith, and personal growth. It opened doors for me to connect with different people, organizations, and opportunities.”

Elias (2023)

Opportunities Abound

“I chose to attend HU because I knew I wanted to attend a private Christian school and I loved the community there. I started out as an undecided major, but HU had programs for all of my interests, and I knew I could land in a great department.”

Lindsey (2024)

Experience Christ's Love

“I chose to attend Huntington University because I instantly felt at home on campus and I could tell how much the professors and staff cared about you not just as a student but as a person.”

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