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  • ‘The Last Apostle’ Premieres at Huntington University

    ‘The Last Apostle’ Premieres at Huntington University

    Raiders of the Lost Ark had Indiana Jones, but The Last Apostle has Indiana Mark. Most know him as Dr. Mark Fairchild, professor of Bible and religion at Huntington University, but his breakthroughs as a world-renowned archeologist might make the former name more fitting. On November 19, Huntington University is pleased to host the premiere of The Last Apostle, a full-length documentary that follows Dr. Fairchild as he explores ancient Turkey. In his more than 20 years of exploration, Dr. Fairchild has discovered several previously lost cities as well as his crowning achievement, the oldest synagogue in the world. The documentary is…

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If you or a friend need to talk to someone, Therapy Now provides immediate access to a mental health professional -……

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Murder, madness, and the Manninghams. Get your tickets for Angel Street now at Show opens……

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‘The Last Apostle’ Premiers at Huntington University:

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Visions for the Future at November Foundation Breakfast:

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Roommate under the weather? Remind him or her that telehealth through ForesterCare is available 24/7.

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