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  • Nalliah Publishes New Experiment Method

    Nalliah Publishes New Experiment Method

    Dr. Ruth Nalliah, professor of chemistry at Huntington University, has helped shape chemistry education through the new laboratory experiment methods she recently described in the Journal of Chemical Education. Her paper, entitled “Reaction of FD&C Blue 1 with Sodium Percarbonate: Multiple Kinetics Methods Using an Inexpensive Light Meter,” was published in summer 2019.

    Nalliah’s paper outlines an inexpensive, practical way to monitor degradation and undegraded concentration in dyes. Her new experiment methods also include an environmentally friendly reaction that degrades dyes in a way that follows mathematical equations well,…

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Nalliah Publishes New Experiment Method:

Tweeted • 8 Oct
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HU Arizona Claims Student Awards in Regional Emmys:

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HU to Dedicate “Tree of Life” Sculpture:

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@KatieRidenour_ Being them to Davis Hall for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

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HU Teams Up with the Komets:

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There are just 3 DAYS left until HU students take the stage at Davis Hall Follies on Friday at 7:30 PM. Ani Weitzel……

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