OTA/PTA to OTD Bridge

What is the OTA/PTA to OTD Bridge Program?

The OTA/PTA to OTD bridge program follows the same rigorous curriculum as our existing Doctoral Program in Occupational Therapy. This ensures that all students receive a comprehensive and high-quality education, whether in the traditional or bridge cohort, while meeting the unique needs of individuals with prior experience as OTAs or PTAs.

Nine Semesters

Unlike the traditional program, which is completed in eight semesters, the bridge program spans nine semesters to help students balance their academic and professional responsibilities.

Online Learning

Didactic content is delivered through the user-friendly Moodle teaching platform, allowing students to access course materials at their convenience

In-Person Labs

To enhance practical skills and ensure a well-rounded education, students in the bridge program will gather in person for three weekends per didactic semester. These weekends will include laboratory sessions, practical exams, and presentation skills training, all delivered by our experienced HU Arizona OTD faculty.

Admissions Criteria

  • Graduate with an associates degree as an occupational or physical therapy assistant
  • Initial certification as an occupational therapy assistant or successful completion of the National Physical Therapy Examination or a state-specific exam for physical therapy assistants
  • One year of experience as an occupational therapy assistant or physical therapy assistant
  • Completion of 90 undergraduate credits or a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate
  • Attainment of a grade of B- or higher in all prerequisite courses, which may be met from the OTA or PTA associates degree programs

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