The Film Studies major is a program that allows you to explore movies and documentaries from both sides of the silver screen — by critiquing what others have produced and by producing and writing films that others will watch while in collaboration with film production majors.

Film in the 21st Century

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies is primarily focused on learning about film and emphasizing a broader, more critical approach to the historical, literary, and cultural aspects of the medium. It strives to help you understand and articulate the place that film holds as an art-form in our 21st-century culture while creating films of your own with film production majors.

Students are also given the foundation in storytelling and filmmaking techniques in order to produce and direct both live-action and documentary films that reflect our faith and speak truth to the culture at large.

The Martin Center for Digital Media Arts in Becker Hall is fully equipped for any experience a student may desire. The department houses green screen studios, editing labs, a screening room, and both sound design and Foley workspaces. Students also gain experience with the newest DSLR cameras, LED lighting, sound recorders, and our RED cinema camera. Unlike many film schools, the department believes in a hands-on approach to learning and students begin to gain access to all these items and spaces starting from day one.

Well-Rounded Professionals

Through the program, you will be challenged with the historical, theoretical, and spiritual aspects of being a filmmaker. Through classes, practicum experiences and studio work, you will gain the practical knowledge needed for entering a career in filmmaking as well as prepare you to attend graduate school, particularly in the areas of film theory, film history, film aesthetics, or screenwriting.

Students also have an opportunity to participate in the Los Angeles Film Studies semester exchange, giving them a chance to both complete an internship within the Hollywood film industry and either create films or write screenplays with artistic peers from all over the country.

Grant Information

If you're interested in studying film studies in the Digital Media Arts department at Huntington University, consider applying for the DMA Film Studies Grant!

Watch Our Films

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