May 10

Transfer Open House


The landscape of broadcast media production has changed. Who are we kidding? It’s still changing. There’s no going back to the world where the 6 o’clock evening news and evening post are the main means of receiving the day’s headlines. Instead, today’s media is happening in real-time and it’s happening all around. That’s where HUAZ comes in. 

“It just doesn’t feel like school to me; it feels like we’re always working on something productive.” - Real Student of HUAZ 

As technology continues to evolve, the art of creating and producing quality broadcast media will continue to change and HUAZ is on the cutting-edge.

Not only do we have the newest and coolest broadcasting tools to work with, we continue to teach the foundational elements of broadcast media: story development, reporting, and studio operations, as well as the art of photography, corporate video production, documentary-style video, and the business side of media production.

So, if your post-college dream involves anything from being a TV news anchor to podcasting to shooting documentaries to working in advertising, HUAZ can help you on your path. And the best part? Those post-college dreams can be during-college dreams. HUAZ has its own student produced news broadcast that gets our students out of the classroom and sends them out into the creative unknown. 

“It’s definitely a different environment here than other places I have found.” - Real Student of HUAZ 

Ready to go live? HUAZ is ready for you!

Interested in what a typical broadcast media program at HUAZ looks like? Check it out!