Apr 4

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Creating Art, Creating a Career

Through our Film Production program, students will have an opportunity to engage in learning every aspect of an artistic medium that transforms culture and changes lives. They will make connections and work with faculty practitioners and industry professionals through our key partnerships with area filmmakers and local production companies. With one of our studios  solely dedicated to providing a place for industry professionals to bring their productions and hire student assistants, our mindset is that our student’s filmmaking careers begin at Huntington University.

Through our classes, practicum experiences and studio work, our students gain the practical knowledge needed for careers in the industry as film directors, producers, directors of photography, editors, and screenwriters. Students will also be challenged with the historical, theoretical, and spiritual aspects of being a filmmaker, and be given a firm foundation in storytelling fundamentals.

It’s About Story

Story is king. A film with high production values and a poorly drawn story is a wasted opportunity. Students are given a firm foundation in storytelling and 4K filmmaking techniques in order to produce and direct compelling live-action and documentary films that speak truth to the culture at large. From our green and white screen infinity walls, to our 20+ seat iMac lab, our state-of-the-art Center for Digital Media Arts is fully equipped to accommodate a variety of student projects.

LA Connection

Students also have an opportunity to participate in the Los Angeles Film Studies semester exchange, giving them a chance to both intern within the Hollywood Film industry and either create films or write screenplays with artistic peers from all over the CCU.

Watch Our Films!

Huntington University's Digital Media Department has a vast library of student work that you can check out right now! Take a look!