HU AZ Lingo

During orientation you’ll start to hear words that you may have not heard before. This is because every college campus as their own lingo and Huntington University’s Center for Digital Media Arts is no different. Here’s a simple guide to HU DMA AZ’s vernacular.

  • Cage: Slang referring to the Equipment Center. Located on the first floor next to Studio A, students will go here to pick up and drop off any gear needed to work on projects.
  • Credit Hours: Each class is assigned a certain number of credit hours. Thus, when you add the credit hours from each class, you get the total number of credit hours for the semester. For example, a four credit class typically meets four times a week, a three credit class meets three times a week, etc.
  • CDMA: Center for Digital Media Arts
  • Foley Pit: A room where you will do a reproduction of everyday sound effects.
  • HUAZ: Huntington University Arizona Location
  • Moodle: An online learning system for courses, grades, surveys, and exams.
  • Norm the Forester: Norm is our school’s mascot!
  • Student Portal: Your one stop shop to sign up for courses, make a payment, IT Help Desk, email, and more.
  • Syllabus: A syllabus is a collection of information about the course, such as course description, expectations, and objectives, grading system, attendance policy, due dates for assignments, papers, tests, etc. While each professor will have his/her own unique syllabus, YOU are responsible for knowing the information on it.