Student Ambassador Program

The Front Line Foresters represent Huntington University at various events on and off campus. They represent the best and brightest of the student body of Huntington University.



Student ambassadors for Huntington University exhibit internal gratitude toward God for the gifts and talents that He has given them. They also exhibit external gratitude towards those who have supported and impacted their lives or the lives of others. (James 1:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

The following students are serving as the Front Line Foresters for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Senior A Taste of Her Future Job

Over the summer 2014, senior Natasha Zeng had the opportunity to work as a resident and teaching assistant (RTA) for Summer English Institution, a summer English camp by Wheaton Academy. Zeng worked with the Enterprise Resource Center (ERC)…

Senior Intercultural Communication in the Middle East

For the entirety of fall semester 2014, senior history major Andrew Wickersham studied abroad in the Middle East through a program called the Middle East Studies Program (MESP). MESP’s mission is to promote intercultural growth from a…

Junior Next Steps at Novae

Tyson Kalischuk, an accounting, economics, and finance management triple major, was looking for an experience that would allow him to gain a better understanding of his desired career field. What he found was a greater sense of confidence…

A Firm Foundation

For Daniel Lindbloom, a 2009 graduate of Huntington University, a typical day at work includes everything from training clients, to metabolic testing, to blood lipid analysis, and meeting new and perspective clients. He starts each morning…

Senior Two Paying Jobs Acquired Through Internships

To senior Jacqueline Rhine, sports may very well be the pulse of life. After a single semester, Rhine was hired by the Huntington University Athletic's Office. Ever since, she has been in charge of managing the social media accounts and…

Firsthand Experience

Chelsea Harshfield was known among her friends for being indecisive in her first two years at Huntington University. A business management major, she often wondered whether she had chosen the right program for herself.

Senior Samantha Bruns

Meet Samantha Bruns, a social work major from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Senior Luke Bates

Meet Luke Bates, a biology pre-med major from Ohio.

Senior Max Troyer

Meet Max Troyer, a psychology and youth ministry major from Churubusco, Indiana.

Junior Natania Adams

Meet Natania Adams, a social work major from Illinois.

Junior Hannah Barrett

Meet Hannah Barrett, an elementary education major from Ohio.

Junior Nicholas Bond

Meet Nicholas Bond, a biology pre-med major from Indiana.

Junior Troy Hester

Meet Troy Hester, a graphic design major from Ohio.

Junior Jonathon Kane

Meet Jonathon Kane, a film production major from Indiana.

Junior Leah Ness

Meet Leah Ness, an accounting/economics & finance major from Indiana.

Junior Nicole Pennington

Meet Nicole Pennington, a history education major from Indiana.