Student Ambassador Program

The Front Line Foresters represent Huntington University at various events on and off campus. They represent the best and brightest of the student body of Huntington University.



Student ambassadors for Huntington University exhibit internal gratitude toward God for the gifts and talents that He has given them. They also exhibit external gratitude towards those who have supported and impacted their lives or the lives of others. (James 1:17; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

The following students are serving as the Front Line Foresters for the 2015-2016 academic year:

Max Troyer, Luke Edward Bates, Samantha Bruns, Krista Wood, Christiana Hicks, Olivia Knispel, Lucas Lengacher, Amy Hetrick, Michael Deter, Zach Herber, Bronwen Fetters, and Edwin Chow.

Senior Michael Deter

Meet Michael Deter, a missions major from Bluffton, Ohio.

Senior Lucas Lengacher

Meet Lucas Lengacher, a psychology major from Leo, Indiana.

Senior Amy Hetrick

Meet Amy Hetrick, a marketing and management double major from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Junior Olivia Knispel

Meet Olivia Knispel, a pre-med biology major from Churubusco, Indiana.

Junior Zach Herber

Meet Zach Herber, a psychology and exercise science major from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Senior Bronwen Fetters

Meet Bronwen Fetters, a literature and writing major from Huntington, Indiana.

Junior Edwin Chow

Meet Edwin Chow, a youth ministry, cross-cultural studies, Bible and religion major from Campbell, California.

Senior Krista Wood

Meet Krista Wood, a nursing major from Waterville, Ohio.

Junior Samantha Bruns

Meet Samantha Bruns, a social work major from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Junior Luke Bates

Meet Luke Bates, a biology pre-med major from Ohio.

Junior Christiana Hicks

Meet Christiana Hicks, a psychology and social work major from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Junior Max Troyer

Meet Max Troyer, a psychology major from Churubusco, Indiana.