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Norm Named Interim President

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Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, president of Huntington University, will take a sabbatical effective immediately. Norm the Forester, Huntington University mascot, member of the Foresters4Life Club, and five-time winner of the Lumberjack Regional Championships, has been named interim president of HU.

“I’m tired of the cold,” said Emberton, a native Texan. Her sabbatical comes on the heels of an unseasonably chilly bought of weather. “I have complete confidence that Norm will hold down the fort while I’m thawing in Texas.”

Though Norm was not available for interview, he did send a list of items he plans to put into action during his interim presidency.

  • Intro to Lumberjacking (LJ101) will become a required gen-ed course.
  • Fridays will be christened Flannel Friday and all students, faculty and staff members will be asked to don their favorite flannel, preferably in Forester green.
  • Norm plans to partner with Jesse Brown, Associate Dean of Student Development, to offer beekeeping courses as an extracurricular option for students.
  • All those with beards will be expected to decorate their beards in conjunction with the season (i.e., beard baubles around the holidays and beard florals in the spring).
  • Traditional heat sources in all buildings will be replaced with wood-burning fireplaces.
  • All spring Ekklasias will take place outside under the stars to reconnect students with nature.
  • Wednesdays will become Wild Game Wednesdays in the DC and food offerings will consist of wild-caught salmon, fresh venison and the like.
  • Nature Walks with Norm will become a weekly occurrence with the hope that the walks will alleviate stress during the last weeks of the semester.

Norm also hinted that he is going to lobby vigorously for the Lumberjack World Championships to take place at HU in the fall.

“Norm is excited about this opportunity to take part in a leadership role on campus,” said Norm’s spokesperson. 

Happy April Fool's Day!