TESOL/EL Certificate

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Are you ready to add value to your degree and make an invaluable impact on students across the globe?

Consider receiving your TESOL Certificate from HU. You’ll earn an internationally-recognized qualification to teach English anywhere in the world. (Yes, anywhere!) Our TESOL certification program can be completed in as few as 8 months. Begin in August, finish in April OR begin in January, finish in August. If you have time for 15 credit hours, you can join a competitive field of English educators working in schools, non-profits, social organizations, and ministries around the world. 

HU’s TESOL/EL Certificate requires 4 main courses, plus a TESOL practicum. You’ll cover the foundations of TESOL, intercultural communications, listening and speaking, and reading and writing instructional methods – all while getting hands-on teaching time with 60+ hours of direct teaching during your practicum.

Contact us today — a new cohort begins every August and January.

Accelerated TESOL Certificate

Did you know if you're a current teacher with at least 2 years of experience with English learners, you can complete our 15-hour ATESOL Certificate program in just 4 months! Watch the video to learn more...

Traditional TESOL/EL Certificate — 15 hours

TE233 — Foundations of TESOL/EL
TE234 — Instructional Methods for TESOL/EL: Listening and Speaking
TE235 — Instructional Methods for TESOL/EL: Reading and Writing
CO322 — Intercultural Communication
TE395/396 — TESOL Practicum

Online Undergraduate and Graduate TESOL/EL Certificate — 15 hours

TEx233/TE533 — Foundations of TESOL/EL
TEx234/TE534 — Instructional Methods for TESOL/EL: Listening and Speaking
TEx235/TE535 — Instructional Methods for TESOL/EL: Reading and Writing
COx322/TE522 — Intercultural Communication
TEx396/TE596 — TESOL Practicum

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Admission Requirements

  1. A completed graduate program application
  2. Official transcripts
    • Transcripts must arrive via mail or electronic submission directly from the college/university sending them. 
    • Graduate certificate applicants: Request official transcripts from the college/university awarding the highest degree you have completed. 
      • An undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for full acceptance (Students with a lower GPA may apply for provisional admission based on additional documentation and Program Director approval)
    • Undergraduate certificate applicants: Request official transcripts from any college/university you have attended 
      • For applicants with fewer than 24 previously completed college credits, an official high school transcript is required