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At Huntington University, success is part of the affordability equation.

Tuition, fees, room, and board rates are established each spring for the succeeding year. Prices are moderated through the generosity of friends and alumni of the university and the supporting denomination who annually contribute over 25% of the university’s operating costs. As a result, tuition and fees provide only 75% of the cost of educating a student. Financial Aid is also available with more than 90% of our students receiving assistance through academic merit, financial need, and talent.

2019-2020 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 

Total Annual Costs $35,600
Full-Time Annual Tuition $25,956
Part-Time Per Credit Hour (up to 5.5 hours)  $444
Part-Time Per Credit Hour (6 to 11.5 hours)  $782
Overload Tuition Per Credit Hour (17+ hours)  $782
Summer Tuition Per Credit Hour $389
Summer Internship Per Credit Hour $185
J-Term Tuition Fee for 1 to 2 Credit Hours (if full-time in fall or spring) $0
J-Term Tuition Fee for 3 Credit Hours (if full-time in fall or spring) $389
J-Term Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour (if not full-time in fall or spring) $441
Audit Change Per Hour $346
Tutorial Fee Per Credit Hour (plus tuition) $346
Early Entry High School Tuition Per Credit Hour (max 6 credit hours per term) $90
Senior Adult Tuition Per Credit Hour (>60 with max 6 credit hours) $125
HU Life Alumnus Tuition Per Credit Hour $335
Visitor Charge Per Course  $220
Annual Student Activity Fee $520
Semester Student Activity Fee (12+ hours)  $260
Annual Technology Fee $370
Application Fee $20
Advance/Continuing Student Deposit $150
Course Fee for Laboratory, Technology Support, and/or Materials $20–425
Nursing Laboratory Fee Per Clinical Course $225–295
Private Music Fee Per Lesson (30 minute)  $285
Student Teaching Fee (14 weeks) $385
PRIME Fee $385


Room and Board

Annual Total Room and Board Charge $8,754


The above prices are estimates based on a typical student taking 12 to 17 hours each semester and two hours in January. In addition, special laboratory, course, or music fees may be included for some students. Full-time students carrying 12 or more hours in either semester are not charged tuition, activity fee, room, or board for January Term.