Residence Life

Huntington University is all about community. That community starts in the residence halls. 

At Huntington University, we believe in the power of community, and our eight different residential spaces are at the heart of this thriving spirit. We invite you to come into these spaces where living and learning seamlessly come together, weaving faith into the very fabric of what we do, creating a home away from home.

Discover a place where friendships blossom, where late-night study sessions become opportunities for collaboration, and where every hallway echoes with the laughter of a supportive community. Our residential spaces are more than rooms; they are dynamic living and learning centers designed to enhance your college experience.

Join us in forging connections that last a lifetime, as you become a part of the Huntington University family. We're excited to share in your academic, personal, and spiritual growth, making every moment in our residential spaces a chapter in your success story.

Welcome home, we can't wait to be a part of your transformative college experience!

Check Out Our Residence Halls

Image of Huntington University campus showing students walking along paths. Image of Huntington University campus showing students walking along paths.

Experience Something Special

Though nothing is quite like stepping onto our campus, we realize that sometimes that isn't an option, so we picked some of the key elements of our campus grounds, student life, and programs for you to experience no matter where you are.

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