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Save money. Save time. Jumpstart your future!

Huntington University’s concentrated programs will allow you to earn your bachelor’s degree in 3 years.

The 1-in-3 degree program is designed for those students who are dedicated, focused in achieving their life goals and would like to take an expedited journey through college.

Even though you’ll save time and money, you won’t miss any of the traditional college experiences.

Save Money.
By eliminating your fourth year at HU and starting your career a year early, you can realize a potential financial benefit of up to $50,000. Also by utilizing dual enrollment credits in high school, you will pay approximately 1/3 less for each per-credit hour and you are able to transfer those credits directly to Huntington University.

Save Time.
In order to earn the necessary 128 credit hours required to graduate from Huntington, you will take a full course load each of your six semesters, supplementing any remaining necessary credit hours with summer and January Term courses. HU will also honor dual enrollment or AP classes you earned in high school so that, depending on the amount of credits you have already earned, you could begin your first year at HU as a sophomore.

Jumpstart Your Future!
Whether you intend to immediately put your degree to work or go on to graduate school, HU’s 1-in-3 program will get you there faster. For students who are career minded, HU provides real-world experience through hands-on learning, mission trips, leadership opportunities and collaborative research. Huntington’s Enterprise Resource Center will assist you in gaining internships, practicums and volunteer opportunities that will help set you apart and prepare you to make an immediate impact in the workforce. And if continuing your education is your goal, HU’s faculty will ensure you’re ready for the rigor of graduate school. Huntington’s pre-med and pre-law programs boast nearly 100% acceptance rates, and many HU alumni have gone to study at prestigious universities like Yale, Penn State, Indiana, and Duke.  

Students who are interested in the 1-in-3 degree will be evaluated for the program during the standard application process. What does a typical year look like at Huntington University’s “1-in-3” degree program?

Fall Semester: 16-17 credit hours
January Term: 3 credit hours
Spring Semester: 16-17 credit hours
Summer Sessions: 6-7 credit hours (online or onsite) 

Dual enrollment or AP credits may reduce your load or the needs for some summer sessions.

What would you like to study?


Degree Requirements

Accounting Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Animal Production Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Communication & Public Policy Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Crop Production Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Economics & Finance Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Entrepreneurial Small Business Mgmt Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Marketing Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Ministry & Missions Bachelor of Science
Agribusiness: Management Bachelor of Science
Biblical Studies Bachelor of Arts
Christian Ministries Bachelor of Arts
Communication Studies Bachelor of Arts
Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts
Economics & Finance Bachelor of Science
English Literature Bachelor of Arts
English Writing Bachelor of Arts
Entrepreneurial Small Business Management Bachelor of Science
Journalism Bachelor of Arts
Management Bachelor of Science
Marketing Bachelor of Science
Philosophy Bachelor of Arts
Psychology Bachelor of Arts
Public Relations Bachelor of Arts
Social Work Bachelor of Social Work
Sociology Bachelor of Arts
Sport Management Bachelor of Science
Theological & Religious Studies Bachelor of Arts
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