High School Early Entry Program

Huntington University offers high school early-entry (dual credit) classes. Please read below for more details and to see the steps in order to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Completing the Application Process

  • Complete and submit the Early Entry Application for Admission, a recommendation from your high school guidance counselor. Your application is free.
    •  When navigating through the application, choose the following:
      • Apply to HU >> Undergraduate
      • Have you graduated HS? >> No
      • Are you applying for dual credit classes at HU? >> Yes
  • Request that an official academic transcript from your high school be sent to the Admissions Office.
  • Receive notification from the Admissions Office that you have been admitted.

After You Have Been Admitted

  • Contact the Registrar’s Office to make arrangements to register for classes.
    • Bring in Course Approval from your high school.
    • Complete the appropriate forms from the Registrar’s Office and return them.
  • Register for classes on campus, by mail or email.
  • Receive a printout showing your class schedule.
  • Take Accuplacer Mathematics Exam (if needed). If you have unmet mathematics requirements you must take the placement exam before you register for any math courses. Contact Erica Marshall at (260) 359-4290 in the Academic Center for Excellence to make arrangements to take the exam.

After You Have Registered For Classes

Special Tuition Rate

Students are limited to no more than 24 credit hours as a High School Early Entry student. High school early entry students may take summer online and regular semester classes on a space-available basis. 


  • Per semester tuition rate for up to six (6) credit hours: $100 per credit hour.
  • Per semester tuition rate for over six (6) credit hours: $368 per credit hour.
  • Parking fee, technology fee and activities fee are waived for students taking summer classes.

Fall and Spring 

  • Per semester tuition rate for up to six (6) credit hours: $100 per credit hour. 
  • Per semester tuition rate for over six (6) credit hours, up to but not including twelve (12) credit hours (6.5 to 11.5 credit hours): Regular part-time tuition rate per hour based on the 6 to 11.5 per hour rate. This rate is $738 per credit hour.
  • Parking Fee: The parking fee for all students is $25 per semester. Early entry high school students may waive this fee if they do not plan to have a vehicle on the campus. 
  • Technology Fee: The technology fee must be paid and cannot be waived. The fee is based upon the number of credit hours a student is enrolled in for the semester: $46 (.5 - 3.5 credit hours); $92 (4 - 8.5 credit hours); $138 (9 - 11.5 credit hours)
  • Activities Fee: The activities fee will be waived for early entry high school students enrolled as part-time students (.5 through 11.5 credit hours). Should the early entry high school student enroll as a full-time student (12 credit hours or more) the applicable activities fee will be charged. Part-time early entry high school students will be issued a temporary student ID card for each semester. The temporary ID card will not allow the student to participate in any of the general student activities on campus, however, the student will be able to use the library.
  • Should the part-time early entry high school student desire to be eligible to participate in any general student activities, the student must pay the activities fee and a regular student ID card will be issued to the student. The activities fee charged will be based on the number of credit hours of enrollment.