Ron Coffey
Vice President for Student Life

Dr. Ron L. Coffey has been Vice President for Student Life since 2003. Dr. Coffey is a 1981 graduate of then Huntington College and began working at Huntington in the summer of 1986 as a resident director/director of student activities.

Brian Jaworski
Dean of Students

Brian Jaworski joined Huntington University in the fall of 2017 as the dean of students. His main responsibility is to help students create the best possible and most dynamic campus experience as well as oversee the residence halls and…

Arthur Wilson
Dean of Spiritual Life / Campus Pastor

Arthur Wilson joined the Senior Leadership Team in April 2016 as Dean of Spiritual Life. Wilson began his tenure with Huntington University in 2009 as Director of the Horizon Leadership Program. In addition to being the Dean of Spiritual…

Justin Faw
Chief of Campus Police & Safety

Justin Faw came to Huntington University in the fall of 2017 as the chief of campus police and safety. His main responsibility is to oversee the Huntington University Police Department. He returned to his alma mater after graduating in 1998…

Martha Smith
Dean of Student Services / Director of Career Development & Counseling

Martha Smith joined the staff of Huntington University in 1988 as the resident director for Hardy Hall. She later served as Director of Career Development and in 1995 was promoted to Assistant Dean of Students. Today she is Associate Dean of…

Norris Friesen
Director of Volunteer Service and Outreach Ministry

Dr. Norris Friesen is the Director of Volunteer Service and Outreach Ministry and Professor of German. In his director role, he advises the Friesen Center for Volunteer Service and directs the Campus Ministry Coordinator (CMC) program.

Jessica Hatcher
Resident Director for Miller, Meadows & Livingston Halls

Jess Hatcher is the resident director of Livingston and Meadows Halls.

Mallory Harrigan
Resident Director for Roush & Baker Halls

Mallory Harrigan is the resident director of Baker Hall and Roush Hall. Since beginning her role at HU in 2008, Harrigan has been steadily educated in what makes this a great place to live.

Lauren Frischman
Resident Director for Hardy Hall

Lauren Frischman joined Huntington University in the fall of 2016 as the coordinator of student activities and the Forester Village resident director. From Wabash, Indiana, she returned to her alma mater after graduating in spring of 2016.

Anna-Kay Levy
Director of Student Activities Board (SAB) | Resident Director for Forester Village

Anna-Kay Levy, a 2016 graduate of Huntington University, became the Director of the Student Activities, as well as the Resident Director of Forester Village, in the fall of 2017.

Daryl Singleton
Director of Multicultural Affairs and Minority Student Engagement

Daryl Singleton began serving as the director of multicultural affairs and minority student engagement in 2016. His position allows Singleton to facilitate relational ministry and discipleship with both North American and International…

Kris Chafin
Director of Academic Center for Excellence

Kris Chafin truly considers it a privilege to work at HU, and is even more blessed by her wonderful family, including 3 beautiful granddaughters. Kris and her husband are active in their growing church, The Well.

Kyle Shondell
ERC Coordinator

Kyle Shondell came to Huntington University as the Experiential Learning Coordinator in 2015. He is responsible for assisting HU students in finding and securing real-world work experience through internships, practicums, job shadows and…

Margaret Pasko
Administrative Assistant to the VP for Student Life

Margaret Pasko is the administrative assistant in the Student Life office. She is responsible for processing student housing, insurance, meal plans and the weekly Coffey Break newsletter. She assists the VP for Student Life and the Assistant…

Layla Solms
Secretary to Student Services & Campus Ministries

Layla Solms joined the Huntington University team in August of 2017 as the secretary for Student Services and Campus Ministries.