Center for Spiritual Formation

Your soul matters.

At Huntington University, we believe the development of the whole person is important in the educational journey. This means that we value the spiritual life as a critical component to our students’ university experience. For over 125 years, Huntington has prioritized our Christian commitment to spiritual growth as a fundamental expectation for our community as we gather together often to pay attention to God and to our souls in His presence and as we seek to raise up men and women who will impact our world for Christ.  

Mission Statement

The Huntington University Center for Spiritual Formation exists to strengthen the university’s spiritual vitality by providing meaningful opportunities for the campus community to experience spiritual growth as they become more conformed to Christ and demonstrate a genuine love for God and others. 

Spiritual Formation Offerings

We have crafted a variety of spiritual formation options for students in terms of types of programs as well as times programs are offered. This allows us to meet students at different levels of spiritual maturity and provides flexibility for students with a variety of different schedules. 

  • Chapel Service on Tuesday and Friday where the campus gathers for an inspiring time of Christian worship, prayer, and proclamation of God’s Word.
  • Small Groups every Thursday morning led by staff and faculty, exploring a variety of topics from a Biblical perspective. 
  • Liturgical Chapel Service every Thursday designed for those who enjoy a more traditional Christian worship experience, including ancient prayers, creeds, and hymns of the faith.
  • Floor Focus Hour Bible Studies led weekly in dorms by our Sojourners. Our Sojourners are fellow students who are spiritual leaders on campus. They are trained to offer spiritual programming and spiritual care to their peers on campus. You can learn more about our Sojourner program here (link) or else by hitting the Sojourner button below.
  • Spark Night Gatherings on Wednesday evenings led by UCO (University Christian Outreach). These meetings include worship, prayer, and a biblical message designed for college students.
  • FCA Monthly Gatherings geared toward our student athletes.
  • Service Projects led by our Friesen Center.
  • Occasional concerts, lectures, spiritual programs, and events.

About our Attendance Policy

As a Christian institution of higher learning, we esteem the spiritual life as a vital piece of the educational experience. For this reason, we place a high priority on our spiritual programming just as we do academic pursuits. Therefore, we require participation in spiritual programming opportunities while students are enrolled at HU. We have crafted a variety of options for students in terms of types of programs as well as times programs are offered and a Spiritual Life Credit (SLC) system. This system allows for flexibility for students with a variety of different schedules and levels of spiritual maturity, while encouraging spiritual growth and maintaining our standard of participation in spiritual formation. 

Our standard for student participation in spiritual formation programs is to attend an average of two spiritual formation opportunities per week. We believe that pulling aside two hours per week to pay attention to the soul in the community with others is important and reasonable. For each event attended, credit will be awarded. At the end of the semester, this should add up to 30 credits. Students who fail to obtain 30 or more credits will be subject to disciplinary action on the part of the university. (Our discipline policy is spelled out in the student handbook.)

About Our Christian Heritage

Huntington University was founded by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ as an institution of Christian higher education. We are proud of our strong tie with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ USA. You can learn more about the U.B. denomination here.


The Sojourner program is a spiritual leadership program for students that is focused on discipleship and ministry.

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