Core Curriculum

The Huntington University Core Curriculum challenges students to integrate knowledge, values, and skills into a coherent worldview that equips them for a life of faithfulness to God through service in the world. As an integrated program in the liberal arts, the core courses are the foundation of the Huntington educational experience upon which a student’s major builds to develop specific knowledge and skills for professional life.

Courses in the core curriculum are designed to help students integrate the following thematic areas:

  • Liberal Arts Knowledge

Taking courses that emphasize liberal arts knowledge, students are challenged to explore the central fields of human inquiry and thought develop critical thinking abilities confront questions that challenge established points of view.

  • Faith-Informed Values and Perspectives

Taking courses that emphasize faith and values, students are challenged to identify values that give meaning and purpose to their lives interpret and respond to issues in ways that reflect their values integrate the Christian faith into their worldview.

  • Multidisciplinary Skills

Taking courses that emphasize development of skills, students are challenged to hone skills that will enable them to contribute to their professions and to society develop the capacity to lead, follow and work cooperatively in communities engage in creative expressions.

  • Cross-Cultural Understanding and Service

Taking courses that emphasize cultural understanding, students are challenged to value diversity and constructively engage people from different cultures apply knowledge, values and skills in socially responsible action.

Read the Academic Catalog for details about the core courses designed for your degree program.