In recent years, we’ve noticed a surge in the number of homeschoolers applying to Huntington University. We welcome homeschooled students! We have found that most homeschoolers do well on the college level. (Which, I'm sure, is no surprise to you!) 

Often we are asked, "What is required for homeschoolers in regard to the application process?" and here is our answer--the same thing that is required of all our applicants (home school, public school, or private school)! We need to have you send us an official copy of your high school transcripts, your official SAT/ACT test scores, and completed application. Here are some quick tips regarding your application process. 

Huntington is interested in the way a student has gone through the learning process, not just that they took 345 hours of astrophysics. We don’t require a specific set of courses here at Huntington in order to be admitted. Rather, we look for evidence that each student has taken a rigorous, college-preparatory course of study. We need to see a detailed description of classes taken, but it doesn’t have to come from any prescribed home schooling curriculum as long as it meets your home state graduation requirements. Homeschoolers often worry about not having a traditional "high school transcript". At Huntington, this isn't a problem. The fact that you may not have a traditional transcript will not stop you from being admitted; however, we do need an official document which lists the courses that you took during your time of being homeschooled in addition to the grades that you earned for those courses. 

If you haven't participated in many school-related activities, don't worry. We see applications from well-rounded students who find nonacademic activities outside of "school". Involvement in church, youth groups, Campus Life, community service, sports leagues, and drama are equivalent (in our eyes) to high school programs. 

Finally, your application essay is especially important. Take some time with this essay. We don’t conduct admissions interviews at Huntington, so this portion of the application, along with the required supporting materials, is a way for us to evaluate your candidacy for admission. 

Want to learn more? Ready to apply? Send us email today! Prospective students may contact us at