Huntington University Receives $250,000 Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.

Huntington University has received a $250,000 planning grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. through phase one of its statewide initiative College and Community Collaboration. The purpose of this initiative is to support universities as they collaborate with other organizations to enhance the quality of life and place in the communities surrounding their campuses.

In partnership with the City and County of Huntington, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and other local and regional stakeholders, Huntington University will use these funds to propose a strategic community project(s) for future development opportunities. The purpose of these efforts identify clear next steps for community development and growth.

“This Lilly Endowment initiative provides a generational opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships and make a dramatic investment in the quality of life for all of us here in Huntington County — whether we’re here for four years as a student at Huntington University or forty years as a resident,” said Huntington Mayor Richard Strick (HU Class of 2005, MA 2011). “I look forward to engaging the opportunity alongside other community stakeholders that share our belief in Huntington’s bold future.”

The grant will fund the hiring of consultants with experience in architectural design, site assessments, project prioritization analysis and financial modeling. Per the grant proposal, this group of experts and a task force comprised of key stakeholders from the University, city, and other parts of the community “will identify two key conceptual projects that improve the quality of life and place in the community and then spur additional growth and collaboration for Huntington University and the community it serves.”

“Faith-based colleges serve as anchor institutions that add vibrancy and vitality to the communities they serve. Our platforms allow us to speak into key issues of human worth and dignity because our missions are centered on man as being created in God’s image,” said Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, president of Huntington University. “Graduates of Christian colleges model an integrated life of mind, body and spirit. They demonstrate skills to speak, write and think critically through issues that impact their world.”

Learn more about Lilly Endowment Inc. online.