Customized Academic Programs

Are you interested in so many things that it’s difficult to choose a major in just a single discipline? As you look at the courses required for a major, do you wish that you could change requirements to exactly suit your needs? Do you dream of a program that combines courses from three or four or more fields of study that will exactly fit you? If so, explore the option of designing your own major.

Huntington University offers you the opportunity to design your own Customized Academic Program (CAP) to be a perfect fit for you. As you design your CAP, you can look across the full range of the curriculum and select courses from multiple disciplines to create a new program of study designed to exactly match your interest areas and educational goals. You can combine existing courses related to your areas of interest to build a major that best matches, well, you!

Design Your Degree

Imagine your dream career. What do you want to accomplish? What problems do you want to solve? How do you want to change the world? When you have that vision, read through our list of courses and start making a list of not only the classes that you believe align with that vision, but also write down the classes that you think sound interesting. Think about why you want to take these courses and what they will add to your program. Then you start making things official.

Here’s where you begin: 

  • Review the guidelines
  • Select an academic advisor
  • Complete the CAP application. Keep in mind that in order to apply, you must have at least a 2.75 GPA.
  • Review the CAP checklist.
  • Receive acceptance for your application. Your application must be approved by your advisor, the registrar, and the Academic Concerns Committee. 
  • Then complete your unique major, one made just for you.

If you have questions about designing your CAP, contact the program advisors: Drs. Tim Smith and Jeff Webb

The faculty of Huntington University stand with you.

Your future is our present. Do you want to design a custom program? Do you have questions? The staff and faculty of HU's CAP can help.

Send us an email!