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Welcome to Veritas Theology Institute

Huntington University's Veritas Theology Institute is a week-long academy for high school students who are interested in deeper theological study or may be interested in pursuing a career in ministry. 

That college-like experience is followed by personal mentoring and supported by an online community. 

All this works together to provide high school students with a strong theological foundation that will be invaluable as they continue to pursue their calling. 

At its core, this is a community of high school scholars committed to Jesus Christ and spiritual growth, which includes transformation of both heart and mind. 

The program contains three key components: 1) an eight-day on-campus institute; 2) an online community; and 3) personal mentoring by a spiritual leader in a participant's local church. Veritas participants who faithfully complete these three components may be eligible for Huntington University college credit.

Veritas Goals

Here’s what a 2017 Veritas Scholar has said about their experience:

“After this week there still might be many things that I might not understand about myself but I know that no matter what my feelings are telling me or what people say I think, I know I’m loved by God and I know that I’m reconciled to my original nature through faith. I am God’s and nothing can change that. Now I want to live that truth to bring freedom to others!” - Veritas 2017 Participant

Why Attend Veritas?

Students will be challenged to respond to these key questions: 

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who does Jesus say you are?
  • What does Jesus call us to do?

Veritas Theology Institute participants will:

  • Explore Scripture and significant theological texts,
  • Engage in dialogue and reflection with college and seminary professors,
  • Encounter God through worship and service,
  • Experience mentoring relationships through small groups facilitated by Huntington University students and graduates.

Veritas 2019

Mark your calendar! Veritas 2019 will be held on June 8 – 15, 2019, on the campus of Huntington University. We are currently accepting applications.

Tuition: $250

The Veritas Theology Institute is limited to 50 participants. If you have questions about the Veritas Theology Institute, please contact



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