HyFlex Advantages

Nathan Hawkins
Your degree, your way.

The HyFlex course model is not new, but as more universities and students become comfortable with multiple learning modalities, it is becoming increasingly popular. This ultra-flexible format allows you to attend class face-to-face, join class live via video from anywhere, or complete work asynchronously on a weekly schedule. That choice is then extended to how you attend class on a week-to-week or course-to-course basis.

As you consider potential programs for your MBA or other degree, here are some critical advantages of the HyFlex model and what that flexibility allows that you will want to keep in mind:

Complete Your Degree – Some students begin a HyFlex degree program with no intention of attending online and prefer the in-classroom format. But as life often happens, opportunity and circumstance move them to a location where they cannot readily commute to the onsite classroom. Most residential programs would force you to pause your degree or transfer to another school under those circumstances. HyFlex degree programs allow you to continue your education seamlessly and graduate on time.

Leverage In-Person Instruction for High-Need Courses – Many students may put off completing a degree online due to fear of a specific course or two. You may, for instance, be unable to commit to an entirely residential MBA but be fearful of completing finance and economics courses in an online format. With a HyFlex program, you can complete courses with content you are more familiar with in an online format and attend face-to-face for specific lectures or class sessions.

Enjoy Family and Business Flexibility – Concern about family schedule flexibility or work requirements can keep many people from selecting a classroom-based program, even if that is the option they prefer. Trying to plan around specific class time sessions one, two, or more years in advance can be daunting. The HyFlex option provides you with the comfort of knowing you can take advantage of the classroom format but attend some weeks online due to family and work commitments.

Leveraging a HyFlex degree program can be an optimal way to ease concerns you may have about earning a degree or committing to a degree program. To learn more about the HyFlex model in Huntington University’s MBA program, visit huntington.edu/MBA.

Written by
Nathan Hawkins