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What Can You Do with a Degree in OT?

The better question is…what can’t you do? Let’s talk about all the amazing areas you can work in and cool things you can do with a degree in occupational therapy.
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RichLyn Library: More than Books

RichLyn Library is a vital resource for academic success at Huntington University. When I asked several of my peers what the first word that came into their mind was when they heard the word “library,” many of them said “books.” While this response is accurate, the Library has much more to offer the students at HU, and that often goes unnoticed. Check out (no pun intended) some of the Library’s services.
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Reflecting on My First Semester

Before the school year began, I was racked with uncertainty about the workload and how well I could keep up. Additionally, I wondered how I would manage to balance my schoolwork, social life, mental health, etc. Nevertheless, my first semester went surprisingly smoothly.
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Interested in nursing and missions?

Young adult Christians, regardless of their career path, often understand the importance of missions work, and many have the opportunity to serve through short-term missions trips across the world long before they reach college. Others hope that missions will be their full-time work after they graduate from college. There are many great opportunities for nurses, particularly, to serve in missions abroad with the skills they learned in the lab and at work.

Phonathon and Forester Fund, a student perspective

The way the Lord has led me through my time at HU has been nothing short of unexpected. I came into college hoping just to bowl and focus on classwork. However, God had different plans. While serving as Phonathon student manager, I have been able to openly share my faith with my fellow callers and many people I have called myself. However, there is one call I will never forget.
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How I Joined “Meet Me in St. Louis”

If you’re on the edge about being in a show, I say go for it. Just make sure you’re willing to commit to it, but I promise you won’t regret it. This has become one of my best memories so far as a student at HU.
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College Search Tips for Families

We asked parents who have already been through the college selection process with their high school seniors for tips about the college search process. Here is what they told us.
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5 Ways to Support HU’s 1897 Day of Giving

Huntington University’s 1897 Day of Giving will begin on March 16, 2023, at 5:00 a.m. EDT and continue through noon the following day. Does that sound strange? It’s actually a very intentional choice. This year, we’re honoring 1897, the year of our founding, by celebrating Day of Giving for 1 day, 8 hours, 9 minutes, and 7 seconds.
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My Story from StoryCon

Excitement. Curiosity. Nervousness.These were all emotions I felt attending my first StoryCon at Huntington University. Dr. Todd Martin, director of StoryCon, had hyped up the event and suggested I attend. As a newer English major, I felt like I would be the least knowledgeable person in the room and the least qualified to take part in the making and telling of stories. However, I was curious about the poetry workshop, and with a free lunch involved, I couldn’t say no. I apprehensively registered for StoryCon 2022, and looking back, I am so thankful I did.
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The Joy of Participation

When I was six years old, I joined a jump rope team. Yes, you read that correctly — a jump rope team! For those living in the Huntington area, you might remember the Hopping Hoosiers performing at basketball half-time shows, festivals, and parades. We also competed at a local, regional, and national level. I was a part of that team all through high school. It was a way for me to participate in something fun and to feel like I was part of something bigger. It took the entire team to put on a great show, and I learned a great deal about myself during that time.