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High School vs. College

The transition from high school to college can be jarring, even if you already have an idea of what to expect. Personally, I was unsure if I would be blindsided by the incoming load of responsibilities or if I was just getting myself too worked up. Whatever the case is for you, knowing the difference between high school and college may help you know what to expect and adjust to the transition.
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Maximize the Tax Benefits of Your IRA Before Year-End

The end of the calendar year will soon be upon us. Many individuals are currently reviewing their potential income tax liability for 2022 and considering strategies to minimize their tax burden.
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Authentic Storytelling at HU

As someone who writes frequently, I have storytelling skills that I think can be useful in learning more about someone’s authentic life story and how God, their Author, is writing through them. With the stage of life that most students are in, a simple way to learn more about someone is to ask about their major. To get a person’s full, meaningful story, consider using some of these questions or refining some of the questions you may have asked in the past.
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Life as a Student-Athlete

Constantly exhausted. No time for homework, let alone a social life. Struggling silently with mental health issues.These are descriptions of the student-athlete life that I heard from family and friends when I committed to Huntington University to play women’s basketball. Naturally, I was nervous at the beginning of my freshman year. Now in the middle of my junior year, I can confidently say that my family and friends were misguided in their assumptions of the student-athlete life.
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Why I Chose Huntington University

Figuring out where to go after high school was a stressful time for me. There were just so many options out there, all with their pros and cons to weigh as graduation drew near. I found myself staring at college search websites, scrolling through endless lists of choices, dreading the time I would have to spend looking into each school just to come back to being unsure of which direction is right.
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7 Ways to Serve with TESOL

Learning a new language is a difficult challenge for many people. When someone moves to a new culture with a new language, this challenge impacts every area of life. The ability, or inability to effectively communicate, affects how we learn, work, shop, socialize, and so much more. How broadly language and communication is ingrained in our lives also appears in the various ways you can serve with TESOL training. You can work in a variety of settings and all over the world. Anywhere people are trying to learn English as a secondary means of communication.
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Are campus visits important?

Are campus visits important? The short answer — YES! The long answer – ABSOLUTELY YES! A campus visit is an opportunity to “kick the tires,” if you will. To get familiar with the quality of the campus and the education offered there. To get a feel for what college life would be like for you. No matter if this is your junior year in high school or if you are considering transferring from one college to another, exploring college campuses is well worth your while.
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Financial Aid Tricks and Treats

It is the end of October, and I am excited to begin celebrating with harvest parties, treats wrapped in orange cellophane, and my favorite part of the season — tricks on unsuspecting friends. But today I am here to deliver to you the best sort of tricks; tricks that help you to succeed as you prepare for an exciting future and begin navigating your next steps in your education journey!
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The Five Best Spots on Campus, and Five “Hidden Gems”

Fall colors are in full display this time of year, which means Huntington University’s home campus is looking particularly beautiful. (Of course, campus has something special to offer at any time in the year!) Whether you prefer the indoors, the outdoors, or a mix of both, there are plenty of special spots on campus that have that little extra feeling of home. Here are my top five:
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4 Ways to Use Your OTD Degree Outside of the Clinic

The main priority for most OT students is working in some type of clinical setting to help people recover the ability to live their lives and do the things that are most meaningful to them. Whether it is helping a child develop handwriting skills, teaching an older adult to walk again after a stroke, or restoring use of the hands after a traumatic injury, OTs are experts at promoting function in a clinical setting. However, earning your Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree (OTD) also creates many other opportunities. Here are just a few ways you might use your degree outside of traditional clinical practice: