Phonathon and Forester Fund, a student perspective

Katie Fraser
Being a Phonathon student manager has been the most fulfilling role I have served in.

As a junior at Huntington University, I have been heavily involved on campus. I have been a Phonathon student manager for two years, served on the Student Government Association for two years, and been a tutor for four different business courses. Next year, I will serve as Student Body President. In addition, I am triple majoring in accounting, economics and finance, and business management as well as being on the women’s bowling team for three years. Among all of these activities, being a Phonathon student manager has been the most fulfilling role I have served in. 

The thought of coming to college three years ago seemed like a dream that might not come true because of finances. However, I landed at HU through trust in the Lord and scholarships. One of the ways I was able to afford this was through money from the Forester Fund. As many know, all funds from Phonathon directly impact 90% of the students on home campus. Being able to lead callers two times a year to raise the same funds that helped me get to pursue a college education is unimaginable.  

The way the Lord has led me through my time at HU has been nothing short of unexpected. I came into college hoping just to bowl and focus on classwork. However, God had different plans. While serving as Phonathon student manager, I have been able to openly share my faith with my fellow callers and many people I have called myself. However, there is one call I will never forget.  

I spoke with a father, and when I asked for prayer requests, the opportunity to pray over this man and his family arose. I was not deep in my faith, but the Holy Spirit brought the urge over me, and after that call, an overwhelming sense of joy flooded over me.  

Phonathon means so much more than being a job I get to put on a resume. Phonathon has allowed me to meet so many people on campus I would have never known without this position. Phonathon allows me to reach out to those linked to Huntington in one way or another and ask for donations. However, the donations aren’t the most important part at the end of the day. The connections, conversations, and prayer requests after every call is what lasts.  

Written by
Katie Fraser