Playing with Heart: HU’s Women’s Basketball Team

Annie Seboe
Love God. Love people. Love the process.

The cold winter months in Indiana mean one thing: it’s basketball season! My twin sister and closest friends are on Huntington University’s Women’s Basketball team (HUWBB), and watching this team play is one of the most exciting parts of my year. As a self-described #1 fan, I could tell you about the high energy HUWBB brings to the court or the addicting rush of adrenaline you get when the Foresters score, but that is not necessary. Even one encounter with head coach Darby Maggard and her squad will reveal that the most inspiring part of this team is their culture, which is evident in everything they do and draws fans back for more.

When I asked sophomore Emily Todd what the culture of HUWBB was, she had one powerful word to share: family. From watching the team warm-up to witnessing them pray before every game, Todd’s definition of the team’s culture proves true. Basketball is a high-energy and high-emotion sport, and often, the team with the most positivity and heart can turn the tide of a game and come out victorious. From small interactions like giving high-fives during a time-out or quick words of encouragement when a mistake is made, it is highly evident that HUWBB is a special program that values giving your best effort, leaning into the process, and caring and serving the people around you to win both basketball games and in everyday life.

In her second year as head coach, Maggard prides herself in cultivating a program filled with women of consistent character. The team’s core values are to trust, celebrate, encourage, hold each other accountable, build great relationships, have a growth mindset, and practice patience. These values spread beyond the court, as HUWBB serves in their local community and hosts regular Bible devotions. Emily Seboe, the team’s sole senior, says the team “focuses on love and being grateful for the game and the people on our campus and in our community.” With this heart posture, there aren’t many reasons to not cheer for the Foresters.

Still not convinced? Seboe has three reasons for you to come support HUWBB: “We play a fast-paced offense, aggressive defense, and we play together on the court. That makes us fun to watch.” To catch the next game, check out the team’s 2023-2024 schedule. Be a part of something bigger and join HUWBB as they love God, love people, and love the process.

Written by
Annie Seboe