What Can You Do with a Nursing Degree?

Jordan Lynden
Find the nursing career of your dreams.

When you were six years old, what did you dream of being when you grew up? An astronaut? A pilot? A secret agent?

According to a survey conducted by Zety in 2021, three of the top ten dream jobs adults had when they were kids were STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) jobs. Not surprisingly, “doctor” came in at #1 on the list, with teacher, veterinarian, and musician taking the next top spots.  

At Huntington University, we offer degrees that will help you live your dreams in any of those careers. We also offer a pathway to another top healthcare job: nursing.

If you ask a six-year-old what nurses do, their answer will probably be something like “they give shots” or “they wear scrubs.” Though both assumptions are true, nurses do so much more than that.

A nursing degree opens doors to a wide range of career options. Here a just a few ideas:

  • Medical/Surgical Nursing – Provide direct care to adult patients in a broad range of settings.
  • Pediatric Nursing – Specialize in the care of children from infancy through late teens.
  • Psychiatric Nursing – Provide care to people with mental illnesses.
  • Obstetrics – Focus on childbirth and the care of women giving birth.
  • Nurse Anesthesia – Specialize in the administration of anesthesia.
  • Critical Care Nursing – Provide care in life-threatening situations.
  • Community/Home Health Nursing – Focus on patients in their homes, typically the elderly or aging.
  • Health Administration Nurse – Manage the nursing staff, schedule shifts, train, etc., and sometimes directly influence policy.

And this list barely scratches the surface of where a degree in nursing can lead you!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6% growth in employment for RNs from 2021-2031. YOU could help fill that nursing need. 

Whether you want to learn about technological advances in the world of healthcare or connect with patients on their journey of healing, nursing opens the door to many different dreams through many different career paths. Learn more about whether majoring in nursing is right for you by visiting huntington.edu/Nursing. You never know where a degree in nursing might lead!

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Written by
Jordan Lynden