Thankful Foresters

Your Gift Matters

Thank you for donating to the mission of Huntington University! 

Thank you for making it possible for the next generation of Foresters to attend Huntington University! 

Thank you for your generosity! 

Foresters accomplish great things, but for some, a Huntington University education wouldn’t be possible without your kind and selfless gift. 

Indiana residents, don’t forget: You can receive a 50% State Tax Credit from any gift you make to Huntington University!

What's next?

Thank you, again, for your donation the Forester Fund; your gift matters! So what's next?

Huntington University is a school focused on Christ, Scholarship, and Service. Faith is the pillar on which this university is built. So not just on November 18, but throughout the year, please join us in praying for HU, its students, faculty and staff, and all of the alumni across the nation and world. 


If Huntington University made a difference in your life or the life of someone you know, take 60 seconds and tell your story on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using #FundAForester and #ThankfulForester. Don't forget to tag Huntington!


If you're seeing this, you've already given and we thank you for that! Would you ask others to support HU? Take a quick selfie photo or video and share with others that you've already given and the impact their gift can make, too.