Grip Truck Design Contest

Calling all Foresters!

Huntington University is sponsoring a $250 prize for a contest to decorate the (currently) boring white grip truck belonging to the Department of Digital Media Arts. We want to showcase the art of one of our own, so any Forester – student, faculty, or staff – who possesses artistic skills and feels up to the challenge is invited to submit a design for the back and sides of the grip truck.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send a jpg with a preliminary design and description to Lynette Fager with a subject line of GRIP TRUCK CONTEST by February 28.
  • Three finalists will be chosen and notified by March 6; they will then create a finalized version of their design to be judged. Finalized submissions must be sent to Lynette Fager with a subject line of GRIP TRUCK CONTEST FINALIST by March 27.
  • The winner will be notified by April 9 and will receive a $250 prize!

Other details:

  • Both sides of the truck must match.
  • You can create the jpg in any way you desire – draw it in pencil, paint it on canvas, design it digitally, photograph it, etc. – as long as it is your original art.
  • No words are required in the design, but you can include them if you’d like. 
  • No logo is required in the design, but can be included if you feel it adds to the design. If a logo is included, it must be a University Relations approved logo. 
  • The design can be for both the sides and the back or just the sides of the truck. There is an indented panel on both the sides and the back of the truck: the sides are 157.5” x 30.5” and the back is 62” x 32”. Please keep these indents in mind while designing; please also remember to account for the seam in the doors on the back of the truck.
  • The final art will be the property of Huntington University and may be subject to changes.

 May the best artist win!