Unity & Diversity

Declaration of Unity & Diversity

Huntington University believes that God created everyone in His image. Rooted in Scripture and following the core doctrine of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, we respect unity amidst diversity. Regardless of ability or appearance, color or creed, gender or geography, hometown or heritage, voice or vocation, we are all created by God. Therefore, in obedience to Christ and as Foresters, we will love, learn from, respect, stand alongside, protect, rejoice with, and grieve with one another. We reject biased apathy, willful ignorance and silent fear. We acknowledge our fallen nature and the failures that divide us; therefore, we seek God’s grace and mercy and we strive to embody the example of Christ. It is our purpose and responsibility to foster an environment that reflects the unity of the Body of Christ and honors the eternal value of all people.